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Pre-Drywall Inspections? ALWAYS.

You're purchasing a new construction home? Awesome! What is not awesome: realizing even though builders do an overall great job, even contractors are human. Our minds automatically take us to the, "this is brand new so it will be perfect" mindset. And, although many checks and balances are in place for your new construction home; the reality is things can be missed.

It is always in the buyer's best interest to hire their own third party inspector. Local rules only get us so far during construction, and often times set minimum guidelines to be met. Hiring your own inspector ensures someone with a knowledge base geared for this is giving it a look on your behalf.

Most times our (North Carolina) pre-drywall inspections are great reports with simple things that are already on a punch list to be completed. But we would be lying if we said every home was perfectly constructed. We would also be unemployed.

So what's the big deal with a pre-drywall inspection anyways? To keep this blog as short and to the point as possible, it gives us a chance to view your home's, "bones" if you will. We are able to see things that will likely forever be hidden, or may be visible years later because of mistakes. An example: Broken lower sections of roofing trusses covered by insulation may not be visible right away after the home is completed. But over time you may begin to see, "lines" in your ceiling due to weight being distributed incorrectly. These repairs would be much less involved if they were addressed prior to completing the build.

Along with the, "bones" we get to look at what runs through them. Electrical, plumbing, and also gas lines. It is crucial these components are routed through the home correctly, and with the proper protections where needed! The last thing we want as home owners is to be hanging our brand new flat screen, and our wall starts dripping water because the plumbing was not protected through the stud properly.

There are countless items reviewed during a pre-drywall inspection. We do our best as inspectors to ensure your new home is as safe, and well built as possible. In all cases, from the most extravagant, to the most economical new build it is in every buyer's best interest to hire their own third party inspector. Luckily if you're around Raleigh, NC you can do just that with a few clicks on our site today!

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