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April Showers Bring May Flowers and National Home Inspection Month!

April is National Home Inspection Month, and the beginning of a new very, very busy season of buying, selling, and renovating homes. While most only think of home inspections when buying a home, a professional home inspection is a great tool to educate homeowners on the current condition of their home.



Home Maintenance Inspections: We suggest homeowners get an inspection every three to five years to get an objective opinion on the condition of their home and to stay ahead of much needed maintenance. Identifying problems early on can prevent expensive repairs and maintain your homes viability. A home inspection can provide you with an accurate "to-do" list this season.

Pre-Sale Inspections: Getting a pre-listed inspection before you place your home on the market can prevent any snags after going under contract. Identifying problems beforehand allows repairs to be made before the first potential buyer walks in.

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