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New Construction Inspections

3 comprehensive inspections for your new construction home

New Leaf Home Inspections recommends 3 comprehensive inspections during your new home construction process:

Pre-Dry Wall Inspection

New Construction Inspection

11-Month Follow Up Inspection

Why do I need a pre-dry wall inspection?

When building a home, this is the time to find problems while they are easier to correct. When the house is fully built, often you are only seeing the symptoms of a problem, not the cause of the problem.

The house is new, do I really need an  inspection?

A brand-new home doesn't necessarily mean perfection. Houses are built by people and mistakes can happen. When you buy a new construction home without an inspection, you're placing yourself at the mercy of the people who built it. An inspection allows you to catch these issues early, before they become major problems down the road.



Common mistakes found on a new construction home:

  • Structural defects, like foundation cracks, improper grading, and poor framing

  • Drainage and grading issues, which could cause water and structural damage later on

  • Window leaks

  • HVAC issues, including malfunctioning thermostats and loose connections

  • Electrical problems, such as improperly wired outlets, open grounds, and missing switch plates

  • Plumbing issues, including reversed hot/cold in faucets, improper piping, leaks, and more

What is an 11-month warranty inspection?

Most new home builders include a one-year warranty with the purchase of their houses. A homeowner may want to have a professional inspection done on their home before the builder’s warranty expires. The homeowner can then pass the report on to their builder’s warranty department for adjustments, repairs or replacements of home components.

Need a new construction inspection?

We are your NC new construction home inspectors! Click below to use our easy online scheduler!

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