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Free Inspections???

Alright we know nothing in this world is FREE. BUT, with our changing housing market, sellers are more inclined to make concessions, or do things that further, "sweeten" the home purchase.

That is where our home inspections come into play.

Say we are inspecting your soon to be new home, and find that it will need a new water heater likely within the next couple of weeks, months, years. It has some corrosion and is showing age.

You and your AWESOME REALTOR can request from the sellers, "hey fix that for us or give us some money towards this repair"! To caveat on this, in North Carolina, sellers can just say no. Our inspection reports do not REQUIRE a seller to make any repairs, or take money off of the price of a home.

But in this shifted market sellers have become more inclined to say, "yes" to these requests as long as they are reasonable. Having the issues clearly pointed out by a licensed professional in a report with photos and videos puts additional leverage on these requests. For example, you likely wouldn't have much leverage in a request when your only evidence of the issue is, "My cousin Billy who saw the house on Zillow said it needs a new roof".

And this brings us full circle back to free inspections. Sellers say yes to your new water heater, fixing a plumbing leak, roof repairs, gutters, or some money that goes towards these things....... BOOM!! With home inspections starting at $350.00 you can see how quickly inspections pay for themselves in many cases!

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